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Digital Media


The ByUs Group has a passion for bringing innovation with the use of technology and people.

We are changing the way event companies utilise technology & marketing to help improve their offering to exhibitors & visitors, on the day and the build up.

For the last two years, we have been installing and managing Social Media walls across various events and proven that we can increase engagement, enhance incremental revenue streams, and even get events trending (Dubai and London) with a solid Social Media Strategy & Innovative Technology.

Digital Media Services

Social Media Walls (Tweet Walls)

Does your event need Wi-Fi? We can install dedicated Wi-Fi networks to support your exhibitors and visitors. Even of the venue does not have any Internet we can supply such as Satellite broadband.

Digital Signage

As an extra layer on the Wi-Fi, we can collect data when a user signs up and track where users are going in the event within 5m-10m.  We can build heat map profiles to identify users routes, how look they stay in one location and if they interact with stands/brands, etc.

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