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The ByUs Group has a passion for helping companies reduce monies and get the best products for the best price.

We have fantastic and proven relationships with manufacturers and distributors. The ByUs Group wants everyone to benefit from this.

In order to keep our overheads down, (on most circumstances) we ship direct from the manufacturers straight to your door, assuming nothing is needed to be pre configured.

At present we are shipping products across UK and Europe and are becoming a house hold supplier in large chains.

Join us on our journey today and start benefiting from the ByUs Group.

Procurement Services

LED Lighting

Benefits of LED Lighting upgrade:

• Reduce lighting bills by up to 85%

• Reduce maintenance costs

• Quick return of investment

• Environmental benefits and rewards

• Up to 5 years warranty of most lamps

IT and AV Equipment

Contact us for any requirements you have and lets see how we can help.


Our in-house Marketing team can assist with all merchandise for your business.

Garment printing, promotional goods, etc.

Please contact ben.searle@byusgroup.com for more details.

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