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Learning Technology
Ipad Education

With Generation Z firmly in primary, secondary schools and universities, the demand for ICT requirements is in overdrive.

Although there are many traditional methods used in today’s educational system, technology is now an everyday essential. Interactive whiteboards, WiFi networks to support managed iPads, thin clients, virtual desktops, and the popular Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies.

The ByUs Group has a wealth of experience with all technologies within schools and works with the biggest names in the industry to ensure reliable, stable, robust solutions – Dell, Cisco, Ruckus Wireless to name a few.

Not only can we provide a full end to end solution, but we can break down each section to suit. Employ us for consultancy, surveys, procurement, design, delivery, install and maintaining.

We have all the necessary requirements to work with in schools to do Data networks, Cabling infrastructure, Interactive whiteboard installations, mains power to correct regs & codes – we have much more to offer  – get in touch today.

Education Services

Wi-Fi Networks

We provide robust Business & Enterprise Grade WiFi networks to ensure your mobile and secure everywhere. Segregated & secured networks provided by Cisco, Ruckus, Aruba, H, allow for the ongoing trend and amenity of tablets such as iPads being used in the educational industrial across all ages. With added support of BYOD policies.

Interactive Whiteboards.

Digital Interactivity is growing fast and has great features to get your students engaging more.

When going digital, it allows the teacher to integrate multiple information streams into a coherent lesson individualised for their students.

IT Data Cabinets

We specialise in building racks and tidying. From the correct patch lead length to colour coded to your liking.  Can reduce ongoing maintenance and spur contractors to remove old redundant kit and cables (!)

Wearable technology

With modern wireless technology, we now have the ability to do something very personal and interactive, more than ever before.  With wearable technology we can control access to events & areas, welcome messages at key points to the user, cashless payments,  big data collection, etc.

LED Lighting

LED lighting can improve the learning environment, reduce ongoing maintenance, safety features such as no glass, keep students awake & alert, and 80% SAVINGS on energy bills. We offer a no obligation survey, cost analysis and proposal. Call to book yours today.

Survey pods

Commonly seen in high footfall areas where companies are looking for feedback on the service. How would you rate this event? Excellent, Good, Bad, Poor. A great and easy way to gather stats from the word go!


A new product for the event space but can be a great way to capture aerial photography, get people talking and even to be used to order drinks and get them delivered. Could be used to drop leaflets, merchandise, etc.

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